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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos


From what seems to be a total loss SERVPRO was able to keep the structure intact and save this bathroom. The drain system was not working correctly. The water w... READ MORE

From Total Loss to Full Reconstruction

Here we have an electrical fire from too many plugs in one outlet. This kitchen was considered a total loss by insurance. That didn't stop this homeowner, They ... READ MORE

Laundry Room Rebuild

This Laundry Room was a home project that ran out of time. Instead of hiring a contractor to finish, These homeowners called SERVPRO. Here we have another prime... READ MORE


Toilets Leak Toilets often leak or keep running if not installed correctly. If your toilet is leaking make sure to call SERVPRO right away. With a leaking toile... READ MORE

Build Up of Storage Leads to This Mess

This homeowner kept finding that little place to put more items. Eventually this Homeowner ran out of room. With the help of SERVPRO we carefully removed all of... READ MORE

Flooded Office

Here at this office block, we have a pretty normal job. An office has flooded from the last rain storm we had. Water has flown in from the street, Soaked throug... READ MORE

Buried Alive

At this location here we have a huge room filled with everything. We all have that one chair or room we put everything in or on so it's out of the way, Well thi... READ MORE

Work of Art

This Home was under some serious renovations when they noticed mold. The only thing the Homeowner knew what to do was to call SERVPRO. SERVPRO Came out, and was... READ MORE

Melted Dreams

When you leave pasta noodles hanging out of the pot when you are boiling water, You are leaving yourself in danger of having a kitchen fire. Protect yourself. L... READ MORE

Flood vs SERVPRO

This Flooded Room will forever Haunt this family if they did not call SERVPRO. SERVPRO came out, inspected, and created a job plan with in the homeowners budget... READ MORE

Dream Bathroom

No matter what your dream home is SERVPRO can help you. This homeowner has a really big dream. They would like to have an under the sea bathroom. With all of th... READ MORE

Land Fill Home

When a hoarder lives in a home unchecked this is what happens. Trash and other belongings build up and cause serous health problems. Living in a literal dump ha... READ MORE

Bathrooms Are Ticking Time bombs

This bathroom had a back up in one of the pipes. Water leaked into the bathroom causing horrid smells. This business had to shut down because of it. With the he... READ MORE

Leaking Vent

Leaking Vents can cause damage. Here you see how water quickly spreads from the vent to the dry wall. When dry wall gets wet it becomes soggy and turns into a p... READ MORE

After Storm Damage

It's raining hard in southern California. Your ceiling is having a small leak. Drip, Drip, Drip right onto your beautiful hard wood floors. The bucket over flow... READ MORE

Under New Owner

This humble person bought a closed down restaurant to start a family business. Little did they know this place was closed down for health reasons. They did not... READ MORE

Starting Over

After a storm here in Los Angeles everything floods. There is nothing we can do about it. From the roads not draining to buildings being flooded. It is going to... READ MORE

Crawl Space Flood

Crawl Spaces are notorious for collecting water and trash. It is important to check your crawl spaces with a flash light once a month. You should check for weak... READ MORE

Bedroom Make Over

Making a mess in your room is normal. When you start having bugs and spilled water that never gets cleaned up, mold will start to grow. Bugs will feed off the s... READ MORE

Smokey Smells

After a fire the smoke will be absorbed into all parts of the house the floors and ceilings is where the smoke gets absorbed the most. When the fire department ... READ MORE

Soggy Fire Clean Up

Fire departments use a lot of water to put out home fires. When they are done you are left with a soggy smelly waste land. SERVPRO is the first and only call yo... READ MORE

Learning to Cook 101

We all have that coming of age moment where we move out on our own and have to cook our own meals. Accidents happen, stuff burns, But when you answer the phone,... READ MORE

Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties are hard to deal with. City codes and lot of planning goes into these projects. The fire department was called to further inspect and make... READ MORE