Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Private Home-Reconstruction

In a house in Bell Canyon, CA, a homeowner experienced a fire. But after the sprinklers were activated they were left the double damage from fire and water. Whe... READ MORE


This homeowner in Los Angeles, CA experienced water flooding from the kitchen supply line, which damaged the entire kitchen flooring and cabinets. After drying ... READ MORE

Melted Dreams

When you leave pasta noodles hanging out of the pot when you are boiling water, You are leaving yourself in danger of having a kitchen fire. Protect yourself. L... READ MORE

Work of Art

This Home was under some serious renovations when they noticed mold. The only thing the Homeowner knew what to do was to call SERVPRO. SERVPRO Came out, and was... READ MORE

Buried Alive

At this location here we have a huge room filled with everything. We all have that one chair or room we put everything in or on so it's out of the way, Well thi... READ MORE

Laundry Room Rebuild

This Laundry Room was a home project that ran out of time. Instead of hiring a contractor to finish, These homeowners called SERVPRO. Here we have another prime... READ MORE