Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fogging to get rid of odors

Fogging Is A MUST!

Fogging is always necessary after a fire because the smoke and other odors are hidden like cockroaches. They are hard to get rid of with out using the proper equipment. The fog also lets us see where drafts are happening and we are able to prevent further damage. 

Air duct cleaning

Smoke Spreads Everywhere

Only at SERVPRO do you get that attention to detail that you just cant find anywhere else. Smoke will infiltrate your entire home. Air ducts like to hold smoke and often times will smell for years to come. SERVPRO will clean every inch of your home after a fire.

Demo After Fire

Total Replacement After A Fire

Fire departments often use thousands of gallons of water to put out the flames leaving you with a soggy, smelly swamp. When SERVPRO cleans up, nothing will be left behind to remind you of what seems like the end of the world. 

Boarded up windows after a fire

After Fire Damage

SERVPRO can not stress enough to board up your windows when they break. After a fire or a storm, If you have broken windows you must board them up until they are replaced.

Boarded up Windows after a fire

After A Fire

After a fire most windows will break under the extreme heat. When SERVPRO cleans up after a fire we board up the broken windows to keep animals and the weather out. 

Fire Damage In Los Angeles

Don't let this happen to you

This is prime example of what happens when someone draws too much power from one outlet. Surge protectors don't always work when they are 25 years old or over loaded. Limiting the amount of power drawn from one source is always a good idea.