Storm Damage Photo Gallery

after storm equipment

Drying After a Heavy Storm

Drying the floors after a heavy storm is critical. Wet wood will warp and if it stays wet for long periods of time in the dark MOLD will set in and may cause health effects.  

After storm mold.


After a heavy storm everything gets wet. Literally everything, even under your house. When your home does not have proper drainage the water will stay in one spot. After the animals and bugs have drank all the standing water, that's when the mold starts to grow causing possible health effects. 

Elevated Moisture thermal image

Hidden Damages

Air conditioning vents are notorious for collecting water and making pools on top of the ceiling. At any moment the ceiling can collapse causing severe damages and injuries to your home, yourself, and other people.

Moisture reading

Looks Dry but Completely Saturated

You can sweep and vacuum the water out of your home after a storm if it floods, but the damage is already done. Moisture can retain for years and will eventually mold. Using moisture readers we can see exactly how much damage has been done.

Flooded office

Flooded Office

When your office or home gets flooded after a storm, Call SERVPRO today. We will come out to you, inspect the affected areas and generate a quote. After approval the problem will go away.

Thermal leaking

Thermal Waterfall

Using thermal imaging we can literally see a waterfall behind the drywall. You can see where water has been collecting on the ceiling. After the puddle got so big it started to flow over the edge.