Water Damage Photo Gallery

leaking out of the wall

Shower Leaks

Shower Leaks are one of the most important leaks to find. When they happen over time they spread lots of water through out your home often leaking onto your carpet and sub flooring causing massive Damage.

area of damaged carpet

Some Leaks are Easy to Spot

A lot of leaks are hidden and happen over time causing lots of damage slowly. Other leaks are a lot more present like a mini flood. If you have any of these types of leaks call SERVPRO today

Checking for leaks

Check Your Window Seals

Windows tend to leak water during a storm or when your are washing them with the hose. Proper window seals are necessary to keep out drafts and water. SERVPRO will always take the time to look at all the effected areas as well as areas that could cause problems later.  

Employee is Debriefing project managers

Protection is Necessary

Every job requires to wear protective clothing. This job required masks and a protective suit. The effected area was contaminated with mold and Bio-hazards. If you need our help call SERVPRO today.  

Water Reconstruction

Old Pipes

Rusty Pipes can lean to many harmful bacteria growing inside them. When you drink water out of the tap you risk ingesting all sorts contaminates. Water Pipes should be replaced every 30 years or so. Using a water filtration system is one of the better things you can use to help keep yourself healthy.

Leaky pipes can ruin your drywall ceiling

leaky pipes

This Water pipe from the second story toilet had a small crack in it. This small leak caused the Drywall ceiling to bubble. The smell alone was enough for this homeowner to call SERVPRO. After removing the damaged area and fixing the pipe SERVPRO was able to remove the smell from the air and make this home livable again.